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Wire Rope Grab

Finally, a wire rope grab that’s easy to install and remove -

The Billboard Solutions Wire Rope Grab is designed to eliminate the practice of climbing up the ladder hand over hand, connecting, disconnecting and reconnecting a fall protection hook on every rung.

Our Wire Rope Grab easily installs to your existing cable system. In fact, it’s so easy, most people could install it with one hand.

NOW, simply hook to the carabiner for smooth, hands-free movement.


Product Specifications:
Part # FPRG003C
For 3/8” cable. Easy Installation. Also available on special order for 5/16” cable.

• Dual Cam Locking Mechanism

• Non Corrosive Stainless Steel Construction

• Meets ANSI 2359.1 and CSA 2259.21

• Preference OSHA standard 1926.1053
(a) (18)