Measure where the vinyl is to be installed. If installation is on concrete, brick or block wall, use appropriate anchors and fasteners. For truck side applications, measure both sides.

Pre-cut corner sections at 45° using a miter saw with a blade capable of cutting aluminum. Cut filler sections with straight cuts. Be sure to cut both layers of frame at the same time with the ends flush to ensure an exact fit.

Base Plate Mounting
A. Establish a level reference line across the top of the mounting surface. Use the line to position the outer edge of the first base plate section. Always leave a minimum of 3/8” space between the outside edge of frame and any obstructions. The inside edge touches the surface of your wall, the outside edge does not. Cover and base plates fit together only one way.

B. Secure the base plate to the mounting surface with 1/4”-1/2” self-tapping screws. Set screws 18 inches apart through the groove in the center channel.

Check Size
Align the top edge of your vinyl with the top of your frame to be sure the size of your vinyl matches the frame size. If the printed image has not been cut out of the vinyl roll, be sure
to do so.

Remove Top Adhesive Strips
Beginning at either corner, peel both orange-yellow strips of adhesive protector (looks like tape) all the way across the top to expose adhesive bonding strips. Do NOT remove strips from sides or bottom. Once protective strips are removed, apply the vinyl to the tacky surface within a short time to avoid strips collecting dust and particles.

Unfurl Vinyl
Lift the vinyl into position. Unroll the vinyl and press it down against adhesive surface. Vinyl should be wrinkle-free with top edge flush to the frame. Continue all the way across. If vinyl bunches or wrinkles, just pull it away from the adhesive surface and re-stick it.



Stretch - Top to Bottom
After top is securely applied to adhesive, you should be able
to see:
A. If your vinyl and frame are the same size
B. That there are no wrinkles.
After that, remove both rows of protective tape along bottom just as you did across top. Pull vinyl straight down beginning at bottom-center. Hand tighten the vinyl, working your way across from the center to one of the corners. First pull down, then press the vinyl against the adhesive surface. Press vinyl first against the outside strip, then move your hand toward the center to bond vinyl to the inner adhesive strip. Start at center and work across to the opposite corner. When top and bottom are tightly stretched and wrinkle-free, repeat the procedure on sides, beginning at center. If vinyl wrinkles in places, simply pull it away from adhesive surface and re-stick for a smooth finish. When the vinyl is tight and wrinkle-free, you are ready to install the cover plate of the Installer EZ Frame™.

Install Cover Plate
Install the cover plate sections over the base plate and vinyl.
Note: The text or graphics should not be within 3” of the outer edge.
A. Hook the cover plate sections over the base plate and vinyl making sure outside lip fits securely and that top plate locks securely into the center channel of the base plate.

B. Push cover plate into place and secure using 1/4”-1/2” self tapping screws. Drive screws through the screw guide (thin groove) and into the base plate. Screws should be placed 18-20” apart.

(Optional) Seal with Caulking
Complete the installation by caulking between the base plate and the mounting surface to eliminate gaps. This will seal the frame from air flow or water intrusion.