BillBoard Solutions Installer Series EcoPOST™ is the economical and environmentally responsible way to use recyclable polyethylene vinyl.

One installer can put up a sign quickly and efficiently without using ratchet straps, cables, glue or paper.

BillBoard Solutions Installer Series EcoPOST™ clamps and tensioning system is lightweight, durable and manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions.

EcoPOST™ Advantages:

• Fast and easy poster installation

• Minimum retrofitting

• Powder coated and galvanized steel construction

• Works with both standard and lightweight gripper bars and most trims

• Tensioning clamps are concealed behind vinyl and existing trim

• Eliminate tears and flagging associated with paper posters

Recyclable polyethylene has several significant environmental advantages over conventional sign materials. Primarily, it will not end up in a landfill and the resources needed for manufacturing are reduced. BillBoard Solutions EcoPOST makes the use of recyclable polyethylene practical and going green easy.